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Infrastructure Agents and Consultants (U) Limited is specialized in writing project proposals for factories, industries and any other development projects leading to industrialization of Uganda and Africa at large, and implement, monitor and evaluate such projects on behalf of our clients. The company is one of Uganda's leading importers of heavy duty machinery, and is involved in export business worldwide. Infrastructure agents and consultants (U) is a cooperative partner of Shanghai Great Bridge Co. Ltd, a branch of Great World Bridge International Investment Group (Hong Kong), several factories and industries abroad, and study in china Education Consultancy, Singapore. Our company is committed to the establishment of long term friendly and cooperative relationship with Ugandan and overseas clients based on trust, respect and mutual benefit. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and services and we do our uttermost to serve our clients and maximize their satisfaction. Our company emphasizes quality assurance and cost control thus providing the best products and services at the best price for our clients. Our company welcomes clients from all over the world for long term business relationships. From Overseas
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